Dean's List Council

Who are we?

We, the Dean’s List Council, are a group of high-academic performing students that strive to assist and support students at Kuwait University, College of Business Administration with their academic, personal, and social development.

It is our responsibility to take on the role of navigating and guiding our students; hence creating an environment that encourages students to achieve their academic goals and boost their performance.

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Qualification for enrollment:

Full-time student at CBAGPA > 3.5credits > 30


1) To create a sense of effective competition among students and encourage honor students.

2) To build a stronger relationship between faculty and honor students, and between honor student and the the rest of student body

3) To let honor students represent the CBA in most student and societal ceremonies both inside or outside the campus .

4) To take into consideration the suggestions, opinions and complaints of honor students about academic issues, school spirit and faculty.

5) To organize and come up with activities that they think will be effective in changing the college’s

Administrative Board


Ahmed Azizieh

Vice President

Haya Al Ebrahim

General Secretary

Ahmed Hassan


Taiba AlFulaij

Dean's List Council Activities: